The Unofficial Guide to Chicago’s Trendiest Neighborhoods

Chicago is a unique place to call home. The third largest city in the U.S. is known for friendly faces, a major, Major League rivalry, delicious hot dogs and pizza, and crazy weather. Though the city is huge, neighborhoods break the massive metropolis into smaller communities. Each neighborhood has its own vibe and fiercely loyal locals who are proud of where they come from. If you’re moving to Chicago and looking for a place to live, why not check out one of these trendy neighborhoods?


Completely enveloping Wrigleyville, the northern neighborhood of Lakeview was named for its proximity to Lake Michigan. From here, if you look to the east you can take in a beautiful shoreline water view. To the west you’ll see the trains and all the hallmarks of major city living. This neighborhood offers a great mix of new and old. Here, you can find vintage clothing shops right next to high-end designers, plus a whole gamut of coffee shops, bars, and ethnic restaurants. Lakeview also has a dynamic entertainment scene with dozens of different venues lining the Belmont Theater District.

Just north of downtown Chicago sits Lakeview, with beautiful views of Lake Michigan.
Just north of downtown Chicago sits Lakeview, with beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is sometimes referred to as a “City in a Garden” because of its 1,200 acres of open park space. This aptly named neighborhood is a little closer to downtown Chicago, bordered on the north and south by Diversey Parkway and North Avenue, respectively. The western boundary is defined by the Chicago River, while eastern border of Lincoln Park follows Lake Michigan for a long stretch. This neighborhood is very arts and entertainment friendly, with an eclectic mix of music clubs, theaters, museums, bars and ethnically diverse restaurants. During the short summer months, you can enjoy an easy stroll over to the beach on North Avenue. Residents can also visit the neighborhood’s world-famous Lincoln Park Zoo and nature conservatory year-round.

Bucktown/Wicker Park

If you’re an art and music lover, then Bucktown/Wicker Park is the place for you. This neighborhood sits just on the periphery of downtown Chicago and is home to dozens of live music venues, clubs, bars, restaurants and galleries. Here, you can find an eclectic mix of independently-owned vintage boutique clothing stores on the same block as luxury retail clothing brands. At night, the Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood comes alive. You can easily walk to an assortment of Michelin-rated restaurants, pizza shops, and cafes.

Old Town

Wedged between Gold Coast and Goose Island, Old Town is one of Chicago’s best kept secrets. This neighborhood has a charming feel thanks to its Victorian-era houses, cobblestone alleys, and tree-lined streets. Because of the antiquated features, Old Town feels uniquely out of place, but in a good way. Even the shopping in Old Town is unique with boutiques offering a variety imported oils and spices, teas, cigars and chocolates. Old Town prides itself on its large number of family-owned restaurants, coffee shops, taverns and bars.

Old Town Chicago is full of historical buildings and tree-lined streets.
Old Town Chicago is full of historical buildings and tree-lined streets.

Chicago is one the most unique cities in the United States. Depending on the neighborhood you choose, you can get a simultaneous mix of laid-back, upscale, eclectic, modern, vintage, city and beachfront with a few minutes of each other.



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